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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

BTS Virtual Tour Guest: Barry Willdorf

So, EM, thanks for making the space in your electronic world for my little bits. Now that I’ve tracked you down and consented to being exposed to your “Adult” site, I should tell you that although I’m an old guy, I don’t identify as adult. I will begin with a warning: Expect irony, sarcasm, cynicism and crass comments ahead.

I’m here today to let all of your readers know that I have written some wonderful books that won’t waste their time and which they’ll remember long after they turn the last page. Why do I say that? Because hardly anyone who reads my stuff, whether they like what I’ve written or not, forgets the kick in the ass that comes between the covers. And since we’re speaking of covers, these are the ones for my trilogy.:

The most recent release is A Shot In The Arm. It’s part 2 of a trilogy called the 1970s Trilogy, even though part 1 is set in the Fall of 1969.Like a lot of my contemporaries, I consider that the 60s were over in 1968, after the election of Nixon. Anyway, my two protagonists, Nate and Christina are in San Francisco in 1973 living together in a rundown part of town, the Mission, Nate’s a lawyer operating out of a storefront. Christina’s at SF State. When a pretty young addict is found dead in her bed from an overdose, her treatment counselor, a black militant, is charged with providing her with drugs for sex. Nate is paid to defend him but learns too late that his retainer comes from money stolen from rogue government agents involved in dealing drugs to buy guns for anti-communist guerrillas. There’s a lot of pushback from the agents and more than one death. But the kicker is how my protagonists behave based on the race of the client. 

Here are some blurbs:

"A Shot In The Arm delivers a dark murder plot with characters that are right on the money." Mark Rudd, author of Underground: My life in SDS and the Weathermen.

"The legal details are sharp; the drinking and drugging and low life neighborhoods are Day-Glo vivid."  Meredith Sue Willis, author of Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel and Out of the Mountains.

"A detective story with a sense of geography, a sense of morality, and a sense of humor." Frances Lefkowitz, author of To Have Not.

"Gripping. Exciting. Add 'A Shot in the Arm' to the classic tales of the City by the Bay." Hilton Obenzinger, author of Cannibal Eliot and the Lost Histories of San Francisco and Busy Dying.

I also wrote an award winning historical fiction, The Flight of the Sorceress. It’s set in 410 A.D. One of the heroines is a Celt who is a herbalist and healer in Aquae Sulis, which your readers may know as Bath. The other heroine is Hypatia of Alexandria. It’s the only fiction I’m aware of that has Hypatia as a protagonist.
Here’s a bit about me:
I am a winner of a Global E-book award in historical fiction and also an EPIC finalist for The Flight of the Sorceress (Wild Child Publishing).  The first two parts of my 1970s Trilogy (mystery/suspense genre) have been published by Whiskey Creek Press and Part Three is currently in edit. I am a semi-retired trial lawyer with over forty years of in-court experience. I have been an editor for Matthew Bender and a co-author of several legal publications. Before I became a lawyer, I was a criminal investigator in NYC. My life experiences include being the first surfer on Cape Ann, MA, deckhand on a charter fishing boat, and hand-building my own home in Mendocino County.  I’ve crossed paths and swords with all kinds, from high tech multimillionaires, to rock musicians, Ponzi scheme artists, homicidal maniacs, Hells Angels, pro racecar drivers and bank robbers. I’ve been challenged to a gunfight and attacked by a former world ranked boxer. I’ve had two stem cell transplants for leukemia. Despite all that, I’ve managed to become a grandfather, so go figure. I get a lot of my characters from my life and profession experiences, which makes them realistic and memorable.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to evade them.

For further information, contact me at: barrywilldorf@gmail.com/ or visit

A Shot In The Arm and Burning Questions are available in print and as e-books from the publisher: http://whiskeycreekpress.com/, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  The Flight of the Sorceress is available at Wild Child Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are all in both print and as e-books.

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