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Monday, 28 May 2012

Character Interview: Donté from "For His Love" by Nya Rayne

Today I am joined by Donté the leading male in Nya Rayne's upcoming release, "For His Love."

Thank you for coming to chat with us today, Donté. Why do you think Nya Rayne choose you to represent her?

(He chuckles) I honestly wasn’t her first choice. She wanted my wife, Phia to do it, but she’s nearly due with our son, so she’s not all that hospitable right now.  So when Nya came to me, I jumped at the chance.  I mean, I love my wife, but this last trimester has been hard on both of us.  (He glances at the closed door) There’s only so many times a man can say sorry for breathing, you know?

Tell us a little about yourself?

(He rubs his chin in thought) Well, for the first 28 years of my life I was in captivity, under the pretense that I needed to win favor in order to enter a Utopian Society that doesn’t exist.  (His nostrils flair and his grip tightens on the arm of the chair) Before my wife bought me, I was meant to be the sex slave of the most powerful woman on the planet.  I’ve had a wonderful life. Need I say more?

What is your birth date?

Who the hell knows?  28…no 29 years ago?  We didn’t really celebrate birthdays after the fifth one in the Zoo.  I mean, what’s the point? It was more important that we knew exactly how lick, stick and titillate just right?

Where do you live? What is it about that area that drew you there?

Phia and I live between Florida and Charlotte right now. (He shrugs his masculine shoulders, and flicks and invisible piece of lint of his sleeve) Well, I like the warmth and freedom that Florida offers, but Phia has lived all her life in the Carolinas. So she can’t really see herself leaving permanently and I can’t—in good conscious—make her leave it.

What do you wish people would know about you?

(He scoffs) I wish these damn women would stop ogling me like I’m a piece of meat and understand that I’m just a human.  I have thoughts, dreams and wants just like them. I’m nothing special just the first man to find freedom in over 40 years. Let me be.

What music do you listen too?

(A soft smile plays across his handsome face) The only music I enjoy is when Phia plays the piano for me.  There’s nothing like it in the world.

Will we be seeing more of you or are you stepping out of the lime light?

That, I’m afraid, is a question for Nya Rayne. 

(Nya peeks in the door) 

If he plays his cards right, he might, if Phia doesn’t kill him first.

What is your perfect evening?

My perfect evening would be me and my best bud, Darius, blasting away at our vid-games over beers and a platter of hot dogs, followed up by a hot bubble bath with Phia and long night of love making. (He smiles dreamily as he nods his head)  Yeah, that would be a perfect night.

Is there anything you wish Nya Rayne had kept their mouth shut about?

(He looks away and around at the rooms, seemingly lost in thought) I wish she hadn’t elaborated on the demeaning things me and other nurtures had to endure while in the zoo.  Isn’t there something to be said for being a little vague?

Tell us about Phia what drew you to him/her?

Phia?  She’s light and love and strength and life and everything I never knew I wanted.  When I’m at my weakest she’s there to pick me up.  When I’m feeling egotistical and arrogant, she’s there to bring me back to earth.  Without that woman…  (He looks away, his hands bunching and releasing as his right leg begins jumping nervously) She’s my heart, my soul, the very air that I breathe.  Everything about her draws me to her on daily basis and it holds me there.

What really pushes your buttons?

Did you seriously miss my rant about being treated like meat?

What about the Man on the cover is that a fair representation of you?

(He throws his head back and laughs as he stands and lifts his shirt, revealing his chiseled stomach)  That is me, literally.

What’s your biggest turn ons?

Phia first thing in the morning with her hair mussed and sleep still in her eyes.  There’s nothing sexier, especially after a night of love making.

What is your biggest fear?

That one day the Elites will send the Retrievers for me. (He sat back and stared down at the floor) That one day my son and I will be taken from Phia. You know what the Head Hussy says, “Males have no place in her society.” Maybe one day she’ll make good on that. (He shakes his head) Please don’t let this all be a dream.

Why should the readers be interested in your story?

It’s a break from the norm, I guess.  If you love romance, you’ll get a lot of that, but if you like adventure and mystery you’ll get that as well.  And you’ll get a glimpse into a future that very well could be right around the corner for us all.

For His Love Blurb:

In a world where men are an endangered species, available only to the ruling class, and the majority of women date androids, the last thing Phia Zen wants is to buy her lover from a catalogue. Imagine her surprise when she receives her purchase, Donté, and discovers he’s a living, breathing man. Problem is he truly belongs to the most powerful woman in the world, and she’ll stop at nothing to get him back. 
For the love of a real man, how much will Phia sacrifice? Her family? Her freedom? Her very life and the life of the only man she’s ever loved?

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