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Friday, 4 May 2012

Feature: Kiss me Baby by Cherie Denis

Kiss me Baby by Cherie Denis


Montclair Twelvetoes Most High Regent decided to hop a freighter and leave his planet, Kazza. It was part vacation and a also a trip to look for a place to retire.
Monty is found by Christine Morton, a lonely, lovely young lady with long bronze hair and a soft heart for lost pets. 

Monty showed up on her front porch at the perfect time. She immediately took the beautiful, silver cat into her home. Monty followed her around like a puppy, helping her keep her novel in order by laying on the pages as she printed them.

When Monty begins to sneeze, Christine feels a trip to the vet would be a good idea, however,   the trip turns out to be a big mistake.

Monty has a big surprise in store for Christine.

~ * ~


Monty enjoyed his new life immensely. First, Chrissy put him in her auto, a very nice, comfortable Lexus, 
and they went to the grocery store. She left him alone in the car for a short time and when she returned she had a cloth contraption that she informed him was a baby sling. Without too much struggle, Chrissy manipulated Monty into the carrier.

Firmly ensconced against his new love’s breasts, they headed into the store. Monty opted to have Chrissy read for him in hopes they wouldn’t cause a stir amongst the other shoppers. Who knew what they might do if they figured out Chrissy owned a talking, telepathic cat who could read? Next thing you knew they’d be on the local news.

With that in mind, Monty silently directed and Chrissy picked out food which appealed to his patrician tastes. Then, they chose a litter box and the correct kind of litter. Monty prompted her to read all the packages until he found the one that closest matched the material used on Kazza for a bathroom.

On her own, Chrissy picked up a couple of doodads which she assured Monty he would simply love to play with. Monty seriously doubted it, but he let her have her way. He would decide later—in the dark—when Chrissy was asleep if the doodads were worth expending any energy over.

Several shoppers stopped Chrissy to comment on the cute cat and the fact he rode so nicely in the baby sling. Chrissy smiled politely and said in her soft voice, “Yes, well, my Monty is special.”

Monty nearly laughed out loud. If she only knew how very special he really was, what would Chrissy think then?

Home again, his paraphernalia distributed about the house, Chrissy told Monty that she had to get busy. She had a deadline to meet that required at least ten pages of manuscript be typed before bedtime.

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