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Sunday, 6 May 2012

The "I've been published for 1 year" competition!

**Competition is closed. With the help of Random.org I am happy to announce that the winners are Doris & Bonnie. Congratulations ladies! You have an email on the way to you!**

Not the best blog title in the world, but it pretty much sums the post up.

Yes, it's hard to believe that on this day - May 6th - last year my d├ębut novella "Razel Dazzle" - a modern retelling of Rapunzel - was released by Cobblestone Press. The year seems to have flown by. I can still remember screaming when I received the contract offer. Oh yes, I did scream and I am sooooo thankful to the folks at Cobblestone for seeing something within my writing and taking a chance on me. Thank you!

Razel Dazzle was followed in July by She-Wolf (The Blood Series Prequel) and then in October by The Collector (Book 1 in The Overseers Series).

Yes, it was a crazy year and the start of a new page in my life. I am extremely blessed and thankful to be doing what I love, and I want to take this moment to say a big thank you to everyone who has purchased one of my books. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them. And thank you all for taking the time to pop along to my blog and basically wade through all my craziness. You are all awesome.

So, to celebrate the anniversary of my first published work I am giving away two copies of Razel Dazzle to two lucky commenter's. Details at the bottom of this post, but first the blurb and a little excerpt. :-)

~ * ~

Razel Dazzle
(Urban Fantasy)


Famous for her long, golden hair and beaming smile, Razel is the hottest model in town. And although most women would die to break into this career, Razel's life is limited by rules. None of which bothered her until she meets Matthew Prince, a new photographer in the business.

Razel refuses to let her mother/agent strict rules stop her from spending one night with the man of her desires. But she quickly discovers that one night with Matthew isn't enough, and being with him is something she definitely wants in life.

But how will she break the tight restraints of her wicked mother?

This title contains explicit language and graphic sex.

Length: Novella| Content: Erotic Romance| Publisher: Cobblestone Press

~ * ~


A moment later, the door of the dressing room opened, and Gabriella walked out, followed by her team.

“Mr. Prince, may I introduce you to Razel D’Punz.” Gabriella stepped out of the way, and he was greeted by a set of ice-blue eyes framed by long black lashes.

For some reason, his heart seemed to speed up as he extended his hand. A small smile fluttered across Razel’s lips as she placed her slender right hand into his left. Her skin was soft and almost as white as snow. He raised her hand to his lips, and then pressed a soft kiss into her milky flesh. The smell of coco butter and honey flooded his senses.

“It’s a pleasure, Miss D’Punz,” he commented, meeting her gaze and releasing her hand.

He had seen many pictures of the young model but looking at her in person, no photo would ever do her justice. She wasn’t beautiful. She was breathtaking.

Her oval face was accompanied by a slender nose and high cheekbones. Her trademark golden hair was curled and falling down to her ankles. She looked so pure and innocent next to her witch of a mother.

“How would you like me?” she asked. Her voice was like a gentle whisper in his head.

The simple question caused a collision of unexpected and very unprofessional thoughts to erupt in his mind, taking him by surprise. The thought of them being alone and Razel allowing that red velvet dress to slide off her body. Of her lying before him, her long hair draped across her naked flesh, teasing him by covering her breasts and sex. His pants suddenly became tighter, and heat surged through his body. He coughed, attempting to cover the moan that longed to break from his lips. He could feel everyone’s eyes burning into him.

“If you would just like to start near the tree. Pretend you’re decorating it. There is a small box of ornaments there for your props.”

He watched as she was walked over to the Christmas tree. The velvet dress caressed every inch of her body. It seemed to dance across her skin with each step she took, almost mocking him. He found himself
suddenly and absurdly hating that dress. Hating the way it hugged her body.

He took a deep breath and focused on checking his camera.

~ * ~

To be in with a chance of winning Razel Dazzle all you have to do is leave me a comment and your email address. Yeah, that's it! Nice and easy.

Competition closes at midnight est time - on Sunday 6th May. Winners will be chosen with the help of Random.org and will be both announced on this blog and emailed on Monday 7th.

Good luck! :-D


  1. Huge congrats on a year of being a published author Elizabeth :-D

    Razzle Dazzle sounds fab!

    *raises her glass of wine in salute*

  2. Congratulations. I'm reaching one year this month too. How cool is that? I love the title. Perfect. Rapunzel and vogue all in one.

    Bonnie Ferrante

    1. Very cool. Don't you think the year has just flown by, though? It's madness.

      Why thank you. That was exactly the feel I was going for. Glad to know it worked :-P

  3. (I'm writing here on behalf of KB Cutter who was unable to comment because blogger was misbehaving for him.)

    Thanks for the congrats on facebook, KB! :-)