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Friday, 17 August 2012

Clean 'n' tidy, and . . . who likes swag?

So, the blog is nice and tidy. It's had a facelift and it kinda fits in with the feel of my new site - the link is www.e-morgan.com, if you would like to check it out. :-)

A quick run-down on what's gone, and what's new:

All my book pages have been moved to my site. Each book - or series - now has their own page. There is also a "coming soon" page and a "Work in Progress" page at the site so you can find out what I'm working on, what has been submitted, and what is getting published.

Under the new header you will see a few pages. Page one is named "BTS Mag." Self-explanatory. I'm a blogger host for BTS, and I gave the BTS Mag it's own page so it is easier to view etc. If you have a moment you should check it out, there are some cool little stories in there and interesting articles.

Page two is "Contact." Naturally, this is a list of all the places you will find me on the Internet.

Page three is my "link archive." Basically this page is a list of blogs/sites I have been a guest blogger on, had interviews etc. also there are links to reviews for all of my books. Stuff like that.

Page four, which is "Guest Authors." Here you will find all the authors that will be visiting the blog over the next couple of months. If you have a moment you should check it out 'cos I got some pretty cool folks coming to hang.

Lastly, "My World Blog Button." I suck with codes, and I have not been able to figure out how I can do the code so anyone who is interested in adding my button to their site can just copy and paste it. I know, I suck. So, basically it is there so if you would like to add it you will have to go old school and save the image and then load it and link it yourself. Sorry to be a pain, but I am rubbish with codes etc.

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same, but just a lot tidier.

Now, on a completely different note: I am whipping up some swag. I kinda suck in the swag department, which I hope you can forgive me for. It's all down to my budget, which hasn't been great, until now.

I'm having lots of fun experimenting with Vistaprint, and I managed to bag me some deals. If you look to your left you will see the Blog Hop button for "Bitten By Paranormal Romance & Gabrielle Bisset's" hop in September. I am planning to do a nice bundle for someone to win, which would be cool. :-D

And in saying that I was wondering what kinda swag you all love to win; signed cover flats? Bookmarks? Mugs? Bags? The list is endless, but I would honestly like to know what you all think since you will be the ones winning these items.

Also, I was wondering - for anyone who has read any of my books - if you have any favourite quotes? You know, lines that you would love on a bumper sticker, or a t-shirt etc. any quotes at all.

Let me know, folks, and I will see what I can do. :-)

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