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Sunday, 16 September 2012

BBPR & GB Blog Hop: The nice guy

Name: Kale
Age: Unknown
Species: Angel (A Collector)

Book Hero: The Collector (The Overseers Series: Book 1)

To be honest I can't really say what Kale falls under. In regards to labelling we only have "Delta Males" and "Gamma Males" left. Delta's are by definition show-offs who do things on purpose, and Gamma's are the quite and nicer males etc.

To me Kale is very old school; he is a gentleman. Since he has been a Collector Angel for most of his existence he is rather naive to the ways of the world, and when he falls he is having to process a lot of information, and learn as he goes.

He is sweet, and other-wordly. In a lot of ways he is almost like a teenager discovering things they didn't understand as children, and yet he has centuries of memories, and knowledge.

Kale isn't commanding or even kick-ass like my Werewolf leading characters. He is gentle, calm, and quiet. In a lot of ways he is the sweetheart I think we yearn for in are younger years, or the type of guy we want when we've had enough of egotistical, immature, and to put it politely, insensitive pricks.

~ * ~

The Collector

(Erotic Paranormal Romance)

Book: One


After watching millions die, those human emotions are starting to take effect. Instead of collecting his next spirit from the car accident that is about to kill her, Kale saves her life. His punishment for ruining fate... is mortality.

Samantha hasn't been able to stop thinking about her beautiful hero. So when she stumbles across him, lying in a hospital bed with a small case of amnesia, she is more than happy to offer him her help. It's the least she can do to re-pay the man who saved her life.

Though Samantha soon learns that Kale isn't the guardian angel she thought he was, not to mention how far he has fallen to earn a place in her heart.

This title contains explicit language and graphic sex.

Length: Novella| Content: Erotic Romance| Publisher: Cobblestone Press|

Purchase: Cobblestone PressAmazon.com| Amazon.co.ukAmazon.frAmazon.itAll Romance EbooksOmniLitFictionwiseEbookwiseBarnes&Noble

~ * ~


If you stood in front of me now as an angel with your wings and…that would be fine. I mean, I would be freaking out big time, but I’ve seen angels, and I do believe in them. The fact that I know you guys exist sways my belief a tad, but hey, I didn’t ask to see. But you— She stopped and looked at him. Why are you here?

“I already told you. I saved your
“I know, but after all the years you have been around. All the people you have watched die.” She handed him the plate and glass of juice. “Why me?”
He looked away from her. “I do not understand what you
“Why did you choose to save me?”
“I could not let you die.” He placed the plate and glass on the kitchen counter.
“But you have let goodness knows how many people die. Why me?”
“You made me...” He leaned against the counter and looked at her. “You made me…feel.”
She frowned up at him in confusion. “I made you feel?”
“Angels do not feel. Not in the way humans do. But with you, the thought of you dying it…it…did not feel right. It made me…hurt. So I saved you.”
Heat spread through her cheeks and down her neck. “And now you’re human?”
“Yes, now I am human. A human who remembers everything about his immortal life.”
“And you threw it all away just to save” Her breath caught as he leaned forward and cupped her face with his hands, the coolness of his skin easing the fire under her flesh.
“It does not matter.”
Her breathing became heavy as his fingers brushed lightly over her skin. “Don’t you miss it?”
“Yes and no.” He smiled faintly as his gaze wandered over her face.
“But didn’t you like being an angel?”
I can’t believe I am having a normal conversation about this.
“Again, yes and no. The beauty we get to witness, the way the world has changed with time. The love. There is so much love in this world. It fascinated me along with the smallest things. Like how the rain would feel on my skin.” He leaned forward, his lips inches from hers. “How a kiss would taste. How your skin would feel…”
His breath was hot against her cheek. A rush of heat flooded through her legs as she looked into the pools of his midnight eyes.

~ * ~

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