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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Blood Book 2 & a surprise re-release!

The last time I wrote a blog I think I stated I was going to try and write at least one blog a week or fortnight.... and a month has passed. Yeah, epic fail on my part. So I'm going to change that statement to I will try and write at least one blog a month and hopefully it will be somewhat interesting.

The purpose of today's post is to say that I finally hit the half way point with Blood Book 2. Yay!

Well, for the sake of a goal I said to myself that the minimum length of this book would be 60,000 words. The book currently stands at 30,000 words, but I know for a fact by the time I reach the end it will be over 60K, maybe even 70K, but only time will tell.

Why have I only reached 30K? Why am I no further? 

If you recall my last personal blog I was talking about making some changes to my life and well, I put things in action and have already started some of these new things I decided I had to try. So everything has felt very much up in the air at the moment and I feel like I can't quiet get my balance. It's been a tad stressful, and a little time consuming as I am trying to get to grips with chance, and balance my days and weeks out. Needless to say exhaustion has been a problem, and well, I've procrastinated a little. I know, it's terrible. I'm terrible. I'm aware I've been doing it so I am pushing myself to sit and at least try and write a couple of hundred words a day, and the last few days it has worked a treat.

So, 30K at present is the halfway point. If the book ends up being 70K then naturally the half way point changes, but for now all that matters is I am "halfway" through the book, and I have to say things are now going to start getting.... bloody. ;)

Will all this effect Blood Book 2 being released?

Nope. I always said that the second book in the series would be released in Summer 2015 and so it shall. All I will say is that it is more likely to be released in September instead of August, because I want to give my beta reader and editor enough time to read and do what they must. If it turns out the book will be ready for an earlier release I will of course bring it out sooner, but September is the tentative month of release, the date will be announced along with the title and blurb during the cover reveal. Yes, I have ordered the cover - I'm soooo excited to see what Mina Carter creates - which means as soon as I know it is ready and I am able to share it with you all I will be setting a date for the cover reveal. At this point in time I am aiming to have it at the end of June. So keep your eyes peeled for the invite. ;)

So basically, no one panic. I will be releasing Blood Book 2 this summer. So help me god, it is happening.

Did you mention something about a Blood Book 1.5?

I did. I have been dropping, well they aren't really hints, but I have been slipping those digits in every now and again. I always knew that there would be a novella/short novel between Cranberry Blood and it's sequel and the reason for that - and I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't read Book 1 in the series - is between Chapter 20 and the Epilogue some of the Pack go hunting around the UK and do something that will have consequences. So, while the main arc of the story continues with book 2, a sub arc will come into play for book 1.5, but it does tie in to everything that has happened so far and everything that will continue to happen. There is a new leading male and female and I have to say that from what they have showed me so far of their story, I'm itching to start writing.

The book also has a title, which means a cover has been ordered for it, but I won't be giving any details away until after the release of Blood Book 2. I am aiming to release Blood 1.5 in Winter 2015 and at the moment that is looking be December, but as always if anything changes you will know.

Surprise Re-Release!

Due to lack of/low sale the rights for my erotic suspense novella, Creak have been reverted back to me. Creak - which I originally classed as an erotic thriller - was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to write a creepy story. I'm not a horror writer, nor am I a thriller writer, that much is clear to me lol but I think I achieved the creep factor, which I was happy enough with.

So, I plan to re-release Creak this Halloween. October 31st. It will have a brand spanking new cover, and will be classed as an erotic suspense - it features a ménage, but it is more of a book that just has you feeling uneasy and unsure rather than scared out of your mind - and it will also be at a lower price. Yet again, I feel it was priced to high for the word count and so I will be rectifying that when I self-publish the book.

I think that is everything. Blood Book 2 will still be getting released this Summer. Creak my erotic suspense if getting revamped and re-released on October 31st, and by that point I hope to at least have the cover reveal organized and therefore news to share in regards to Blood Book 1.5. So, keep your ears open and your eyes peeled; more news to follow.

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. : D

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