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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hot Tree Promo: Saving Eve by Dianna Hardy

A world of Romance, Magic, Gods and Fallen Angels... have you entered it yet?

If you've read Dianna Hardy's Witching Pen series, you will have been treated to a mesh of paranormal (often erotic) romance, urban fantasy, and the more fringe 'Godpunk'. Following the journey of three women with hidden powers, it takes unexpected twists and turns, right up until its explosive ending.

But there was one loose thread: Lucifer.

What happened to Lucifer?

Now, you finally get to find out.

We are excited to announce that Saving Eve is available to purchase in both eBook and paperback!

Saving Eve

Amid long, wild grass, a snake slithers, hidden.
Hidden until a man opens his eyes...

Awaking with amnesia in St Mary's Hospital, after a near-fatal freak accident, he is known only as Luc. With the help of Evie Gold, the kind, young woman who found him, he starts a new life - a second chance, a clean slate.

A bond burgeons between them.

But disturbing dreams of dark deeds become waking recountings. A blackness is uncoiling - seductive, familiar and dangerously provocative.

An ancient craving stirs; an old addiction rises.

Nothing is as it seems, and as reality crumbles, Luc finds himself asking, not just who he is, but...

Who is Evie?

From the author of the international bestselling Witching Pen series, Dianna Hardy takes a seed from The Last Dragon, and brings you an existential story of two beings in search of completion.

Buy Now!

And if you haven't picked up The Witching Pen series yet, you are seriously missing out. The first book – which gives you just a small taste of the larger-than-life storyline – is FREE at most eBook stores, and the entire series can be bought in one boxed set.

THE COMPLETE BOXED SET of the UK paranormal / urban fantasy romance series that has taken readers by surprise.

Unique, refreshing and sexy as hell!

Book One: The Witching Pen
Book Two: The Sands Of Time
Book Three: The Demon Bride
Book Four: The Last Dragon
Plus bonus short story prequel, Wilted

(Also available as individual volumes.)

Elena, a thirteenth generation witch, is the most powerful witch on the planet; Amy is hidden from her true self, and Mary feels the pain of mankind.

On the appearance of a magic pen, three women uncover family secrets and deep betrayal, to discover they are more than they've been led to believe - for better or worse.

Alongside the men, demons and angels who love them, they are thrown into a supernatural world where time becomes muddied, where new and ancient merge, where forged bonds cannot be broken, and matters of the heart are never black and white.

And then, there's the impending apocalypse.

Unique, fun, fast-paced, sexy and passionate, this is paranormal romance that combines the dark with the light, and the sweet with the gritty.

And don't forget to book mark this page, because after you've read it, you will be chewing at the bit to read Saving Eve!

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About Dianna Hardy

Dianna Hardy is a UK-based, international bestselling author of The Witching Pen series, and the Eye Of The Storm series. She combines a titillating mix of contemporary and paranormal romance, as well as urban and dark fantasy, into her writing, to bring you stories that are action-packed, fast-paced and not short of heat, with the focus on both character development and the plot. She writes full-length novels and short fiction. You can read all about her and her books one her website: http://www.diannahardy.com or feel free to catch up with her via Facebook.

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Elizabeth Morgan's Review for Saving Eve by Dianna Hardy

"I have to say that the interpretation and twist of well known biblical stories is astounding. I mean, wow, Dianna Hardy has really reached in and turned one dimensional, well known characters into three dimensional ones. I mean, she has breathed life into these characters; these biblical beings we have heard about time and time again, and you really feel for them.

I mean, everything in the world is balance; good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness, but even so, life isn’t so black and white and that is what Dianna has brought to these well known characters; balance."- Elizabeth Morgan's Review of The Last Dragon, by Dianna Hardy

The above is a quote from my review of The Last Dragon by Dianna Hardy, which was the spin-off novel to her The Witching Pen Series. Why have I quoted myself? Simply because what I wrote in regards to The Last Dragon and why I loved it so much carries through and is still so very strong in Saving Eve.

I apologize in advance, this review is more me gushing and fan-girling over the fact that I just loved this book as much as I loved TWP Series and The Last Dragon, and well, all of Dianna Hardy's books. I have said it in pretty much every review, but I will say it again; Dianna is such a talented writer, and an inspiration. I know that when I pick up her books I would enjoy the heck out of them, and she never fails to disappoint.

So the fan-girling shall now commence....

The world building for TWP Series was amazing. It was layered in such a beautiful way combining biblical stories and myths and folklore in such a way that you couldn't help but believe it was the truth. I said it in the review for The Last Dragon - and it goes for all the books in the series - that this world and its creation, the threads that tied it all together through so many beliefs, made it so real, and made more sense to me than anything I was ever taught in Sunday school. 

(And I mean that with no disrespect to anyone. I am a very open-minded person and I believe in everything from Angels to mermaids, so please do not take offence by my words. It's just how I feel.)

What I loved about the series and The Last Dragon, what I loved about Lucifer, is what I loved straight away about Saving Eve. These well known religious stories - Eve and the apple, Lucifer's fall etc - and these well known biblical characters have always been so one dimensional. Eve was good but made the wrong decision, Lucifer is evil and wrong, full stop. There is no room for interpretation, unless you're a writer with such an amazing imagination and view, which Dianna Hardy is. She has given them life. She has given them balance. She has given them personalities and reasons. She has made them real and you feel for them, you understand them. 

We met Lucifer and learnt a fair deal about him in The Last Dragon, but I was so excited to hear that Dianna was writing more about him, that there was more to be discovered. My heart went out for him in the Last Dragon and I loved that Saving Eve started off from his final scene in the book. The opening tied in so well with the spin-off novel in the series, so you still have that connection from The Last Dragon and with the world and character.

I might go cryptic from this point - if I haven't already - but I don't want to give away the story.

Evie/Eve is such a caring, lonely, strong female. You like her and feel for her from page one, and I loved the way that her character unravelled with every scene. The banter between her and Luc is both sweet and funny, and the moments they share are intense; their connection is on a deep level that they don't exactly understand straight away.

With every page you read their history, their story opens up and you feel, or at least I know I did, such hope for them. They have been through a lot, and they have good reasons for their actions, reasons that are so much more understandable; human actions and reasons. It seems crazy to use the word human since our views, I suppose, on what we feel we know about the first woman and the fallen angel are almost that they are on a completely different tier to us and their actions wouldn't be understandable or ordinary.... but like I said, Dianna Hardy has made them three dimensional. She has put her own twist on these characters, she has made them flesh and bone, she has made their story plausible and it all works so perfectly.

So you have this hope for these characters from page one. You are pulled into the flow of the story with so much hope that this time everything is going to work out for them. I got teary toward the end because you realize that the ending you want isn't going to be what happens, but it's fine, because the ending that you get, what happens, is the right ending. It means so much more, and it's so much more satisfying than what you want. 

And the way it ends, my god, how everything ties up the threads in the story, and threads that have followed through from The Last Dragon.... perfect. Sad, understandable, makes total sense, and is so so perfect.

There is no other word to use for what I felt for this book. I loved Lucifer, and I knew I would enjoy this book even though Dianna Hardy had stated that it changed from the way she had originally planned it, but after reading the book I, personally, couldn't have asked for a better story. It was meant to be this way. This was how the story was supposed to go, and it was perfect.

If you have read The Witching Pen Series and The Last Dragon - and I apologize for how many times I have said the titles throughout this review - then naturally, you have to read Saving Eve. If you haven't read TWP or The Last Dragon, you need to before you even pick up a copy of Saving Eve. You just need to start from the beginning. It's a journey you must take, and absorb from page one.

I for one would love if Dianna Hardy wrote more in this world and for this series. I loved all the characters, and I have no idea if there is more to tell in regards to them, but for Lucifer - oh Luc <3 -="" a="" actions="" and="" balanced.="" beautiful="" decisions="" deeper="" emotional="" eve="" finish="" for="" it="" level="" luc="" mind="" needs.="" of="" on="" one="" ones="" oneself="" p="" perfect="" raw="" s="" story.="" story="" this="" understanding="" wants="" was="">

(This book was received from author in exchange for an honest review.)


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