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Friday, 10 November 2017

RBTL Tours: Girl Within Girl: Healing by S.P. Aruna

Title: Healing 
Author: S. P. Aruna 
Series: Girl within Girl Book 2
Genre: Erotic Thriller   
Publisher: BookBaby
Release Date: Sept 3 2017
Edition ~ 1st /Formats ~ eBook


Trapped in a mountain cabin with three, possibly four, women...every guy's dream, right? Or could it turn out to be a nightmare?

Dr. Sean Paisley needs to find out how to bring these women together - his survival depends on it. To make matters worse, he's in love with all of them...made passionate love to all of them. Throw in a nasty grizzly bear and the dark forces of the government and the situation becomes even more dire.

In the end, he was stuck with Belinda, a hysterical, suicidal, homicidal maniac of a person, confined together in the wilderness of the onset of winter. Now both their lives were at stake.

** Girl Within Girl is a dark erotic thriller that wanders through a sensual maze of manipulation and mind control. **

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I cannot believe the nerve of this man. It’s my fault that I can’t get over this hurt, isn’t that his attitude? It’s up to me, get over it, or don’t get over it. And if I can’t, it’s my fault.
But it’s not as simple as that. I don’t have that kind of power over my feelings. I could rationalize all I want, but the result is the same. It hurts.
It hurts to be ignored, to be relegated to the back of the line. And that’s exactly what he did to me. I can understand, really, I know that I am a boring, non-descript individual. Cherry and Anisa are way more exciting to be with. I don’t even understand how the hell this man got into my life. Perhaps, if I had never met him at the hospital, my life would have continued normally without all this confusion. 
Somehow in my heart, I knew that wasn’t true. And yet, it was all the more reason I hated him.
I resent the fact that Cherry and Anisa share my body. It’s not fair that they can decide what to do with it. They are not me, they are other people.  And, okay, I admit it, I’m jealous.  Dr. Sean Paisley met me, not Cherry, not Anisa, not Belinda or whoever, but me, me, me! Is this going to be a stumbling block on my path to healing? What does healing entail? Does it mean the end of me, Katrina Novak? Cause if it does, I want no part of it. 
Yet, I sense that it does mean the end of me. Maybe that’s another factor responsible for my emotional defense. I’m a bit scared, actually.

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Author Information:

I'm a Cambodian woman of mixed blood, married to an aspiring author, and of course he had something to do with my idea to write entertaining fiction. We live in a little green house in the countryside in southern Cambodia. No kids yet, but we're working on it.

I live on a large plot of land and I enjoy taking care of my trees, plants, and flowers. I also love embroidery, stitching to make beautiful pictures. It's very meditative for me. And then I frame them and put them all over the walls of my house, which drives my husband crazy.

I'm a newbie when it comes to being an author, but being an avid reader with eclectic tastes (I enjoy reading just about any genre as well as non-fiction) has helped me in my plunge to write commercial fiction. Since I love erotic thriller type films, I decided to write an erotic thriller series. I like the challenge of devising a strong plot to embed my sexy scenes.

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Interested in winning a copy of Girl Within Girl: Healing? S.P. is giving away 5x ecopies of Girl Within Girl; all you have to do is hit the link below and leave an entry on the Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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