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Friday, 28 May 2010


I Do Not Exist

I do not exist, because you don’t want me to exist
You made a promise sealed with a kiss
You said you wouldn’t forget me but i'm afraid that’s no longer true
Since it has been far to long since I last saw you

I do not exist, no memory no trace
All has been forgotten. All has been erased.
The time we spent together, it was sweet and fun
But now i’m no longer with you, I am no longer anyone

I do not exist. Not anymore.
Ever since I said goodbye and you walked through the door
I’ll never know if you regret all the time that we once kept
But now it is to late to know because now I have to let you go

I do not exist because you let go too
And now I mean nothing
Not even a fond memory to you

Because I do not exist

At least no longer to you


Deep in thought or irrational mind he sits there thinking… thinking of time
He looked at the clock then at the blank wall
There was nothing to it to it at all
He sat a bit longer he’s mind went blank
He sat there thinking, “I must go to the bank”
He looked at his watch then looked at the floor
Then in she walked… right through the door
She smiled and waved and he stood up
She stopped… they stared and then gave up
He took her hand and she took his
There’s no time like the present…. Oh wait yes there is

Now why was he thinking... thinking of time?

He had thought about his past and he had thought about his future
He had thought about the fact he’s always wanted a good computer
How he wished he'd gone to university and not spent so much time at home
He wished he toured Europe, he’s always wanted to go to Rome

He looked at her and she looked back at him and he found him self still thinking

He thought about what she meant to him and how he loves the way she grins
He decided to marry her and so he did...
They travelled Europe they honeymooned in Rome and finally they settled in a place known as home
They had three kids and a dog called Sid...
The kids grew up and had kids too; They all went over on Sundays to eat beef stew
When he died they scattered him west over the hilltops that he liked best

Now everyone sits there once in awhile, sits there in thoughts or irrational mind
The moral I speak is tender and true, that if you have dreams follow them thru
Doesn’t matter if they’re big or even if they’re small,
Go out and follow them follow them all
Don’t sit there thinking... thinking of time….
Cos one day you will blink and your life will have past you by


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