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Friday, 28 May 2010

More Mini Poems

Your World

I stand upon the highest peak and before my soul becomes weak
Into your beauty I will fall, willing to give myself to it all
And as I fall in your world I feel your soul begin to twist and turn
Inside my veins, inside my heart, I heard you from the very start
You call to me, when I am asleep, when my soul becomes so weak
Your hand delves into my heart and take my entire being apart
I would choose this world over everything else because when I am in it...
I know myself


Footprints on the sand, tears in the sea
How I’m constantly wishing that you would come back to me
Sharing the sunset together and dancing under the stars
Making love in the moonlight... And now you are so far
Your hands I still feel on me, your taste still on my lips
Your soul imprinted on mine, the feeling of constant bliss

Come back to me soon, I am waiting for you
To take me in your arms again and make our bodies one again

Take me in the moonlight, delve in and move my soul
Lye with me till sunset and I will never let you go


I saw into the future

I saw the planets collide
And the stars began to call
The tide towards the sky
I saw into our future
The world was caving in
The sky was turning black
Our air had worn thin
I saw the entire universe
Turning round and round
I saw our souls dying
And our bodies pulled into the ground


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