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Friday, 28 May 2010

More Poems

I Dreamt

I dreamt of a prince on a beautiful steed
I dreamt he would find me and set my heart free
I dreamt of beauty that was to much for this toxic world
I dreamt of music that would be forever heard
I dreamt of dancing in a field of red
I dreamt of rain falling on to my head
I dreamt of his hands, his fingers laced with mine
I dreamt of a world where there was no time
I dreamt of his eyes looking into my soul
I dreamt of his arms never letting me go
I dreamt of his lips pressing against mine
I dreamt that creation was ultimately divine
I dreamt this dream and I dream it still
I wish that it would be real someday
But It probably never will

I Am Free

Flowing red, growing cold
The blood from my head rolls....
Down... down into my eyes
Blinding me, turning the skies
As red as the fire that once burned in my heart

Down... my blood rolls
Down to my chin
Now battered and bruised
I have finally give in

I cant see you... blood stains my eyes
I cant hear you.... through the deafening cries
And though I am down... Down on my knees
You may break my body but my soul is free


I awoke within sleeping
I awoke in despair
I awoke finding only death
I awoke to find no one there

In awakening I did wander, I wandered through time
In waking I was living, Living.... Life... the lie
I awoke in believing that this was just a dream
But soon I did find out that this was not what it seemed
For in awakening in a shadow of what was once called man
I now realized... Man finally met its end

I walk within the result of sweet destructions bitter end
I close my eyes in hope of never awakening again

Window of Life

Stood out in the darkness, gazing into Light
I'm looking through the window
Staring into life

Abandoned and naked, frozen to the bone
Life of the existed
In what's to be my home

No one can see what's in front of their eyes
How they refuse to hear the hidden cries
Blood that ties us, cannot save our love
When souls are broken, often they give up

Home is where the heart is my heart is not there
Those of our creation never really care
Our hate and love lace fingers and laugh our lives away
The Pain that is tomorrow is what was yesterday

Standing in the darkness, gazing into the light
Looking through the window
The window to life

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