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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Phases of Writing

For those of you who write you will know the wonderful happy feeling you get from finishing your new story, whether it is a short story or a long novel.

I wont pretend that I never get stressed during the process because that would be a HUGE lie. I have phases.

Phase One - New Idea
Its so new. So shiny. I love it. Lets make a note of it in my journal.

Phase Two - The planning
I love this idea. Okay planning. Plot line. Worldbuilding. Characters. Chapter by chapter Synopsis (always room for change) Okay planning done....

Phases Three - Beginning it
Hmmm needs to be a catchy. Hook the reader. Hmmmmm. I can always change it if I dont like it but still... hmmmmm.... oh i know....

Phases Four - Writing your story (the first part)
Yes, this is good. I cant wait to get to the good bits. Get the ball rolling...

Phases Five - Writing your story still (the middle part)
Then this happens and that. Oh that is a brilliant idea lets add that in. I dont know if i like that but leave it for now. To soon for that. Oh easy tiger. He didnt!!!

Phases Six - Writing your story... will it never end? (the last part)
This is shit. What am I thinking? This doesnt even make sense. I suppose I could add that in... will have to change that other thing though... I hate this book. Why wont it die?

Phase Seven - The Climax
DIE! DIE! DIE! Oh hang on...... there, that is okay for an ending.... for now.

Phase Eight - Realization

Phase Nine - Break
(Digs hole and burys story) I will be back in a month I promise (Covers hole)

Phase Ten - Edits
(Digs up story) Okay, time to edit. (Reading) Well I like that bit but I dont think that bit works... hmmmm.... (writing) thats better

Phase Eleven - Half way through edits
Oh god I have ruined it. What was I thinking making her do that? Im so stupid. This book is crap. When will this be over? Why did I even bother writing this stupid story in the first place??

Phase Twelve - Edits finished
Thank you jesus. I have finsihed. (cries) Okay beta readers....

Phase Thirteen - Beta Readers
(Sends it) You will be fine. Just stay clear and be bold and wow them all. (Prays) please dont let them hate it.

Phase Fourteen - Feedback
Thats good. That needs fixing. Hated that... great... need to change an entire chapter.... overall they liked well that good.

Phase Fifteen - Edits
Oh god why do I have to do this again?

Phase Sixteen - Beta Readers
Be good this time.

Phase Seventeen - Query and Synopsis
Hate synopsis. Hate them. Hate them. Dear agent... please represent me. Please. Please. Please my lovely agent, please love the story. My book is great I swear and if it isnt I will fix it I promise.

Phase Eighteen - Feedback
Change this and that and it will be fine. Grrrr*

Phase Nineteen - Edits
Last time... As if.

Phase Twenty - Sending it to an agent
(Kissing story) we have worked so hard. Impress them. Your amazing. I am so sorry I was so hard on you. You will do great. Now go on before I change my mind.

So there you go that is what I go through when I write. Sometimes it isnt pretty but finishing a project is so rewarding. I love it. And even if I want to kill the story at moment's I am still proud of the crap I write haha.

* I would just like to say to my Beta Readers that the grrr is not at them or the wonderful feedback they give me. The grrrrr is simply stress.

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