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Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Project and Seriousness

I have started a new project. And when I say new I mean old. And when I say old what I really mean is that I started this project in october/november 2009 I wrote 8k and then my friend asked me to co-author a sci-fi romance with him, which I enjoyed every minute of.

So now I am back to my fairly new project. I have spent the last two hours reading through it, hmmmm-ing all the way. I may have to start over or continue and end up fixing the first two chapters. I am happy with the prologue but somehow chapter 1 and 2 seem to be lacking something. I cant hear my voice very clearly. My writing is slowly improving but you should always be able to hear your own voice in your work and the fact that I cant worries me a bit. So re-writing the first two chapters might be a strong possibility.

But with the packing and the moving and the editing of my first two projects, I am not commiting myself to heavily to this project, I have mainly started looking at it because all my things are packed up and when I have time on my hands I like to fill it and since I have currently got nothing to fill it with it just made sense. I feel lazy if I miss one day of writing (something/anything) so I thought it would be best to casually begin.

I am truly insane. Or as my charming co-author would like to say, "I like to jump in over my head and take of running." : D

Life is short and I like to keep busy. If you dont get on with what you want to do or dont take hold of the things you want then you may never achieve or get them. Life wont knock on your door and hand you your dreams wrapped in a box. Believe me I waited for a while for that to happen and had to snap out of that frame of mind very quickly. I spent most of my youth afraid I would fail in life, and I was thinking all of this before I even tried to do anything or get any where.

I believe in fate, destiny etc My life is about to shift. I can feel it. I am not sure what is round the corner but I know I am about to turn it and Im scared and excited...

And see how talented I am at shifting topics so easily, which is why there is 2 titles for this blog.

I dont really know what the point of this blog is. I suppoes I am just thinking out loud because I feel strange at the moment due to everything that is going on. I dont feel the same. I feel like I am not even in my own skin and it is weird but I shall soon find out what is round that corner and even though its scary, it is such a big change and so soon I guess I really cant wait.

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