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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Addicted to Blood

And by Blood I mean True Blood : D (even though I am a paranormal fanatic in the best of ways)

So I am having MAD craving for True Blood at the moment. Personally I blame it on the fact that I am on book 4 in the Sookie Stackhouse series at the present moment. I got the entire series for christmas and only finished book 3 last night. What can I say, I have been busy. I did see the first series which I loved. Haven't seen the second series but I have seen trailers for the third. I want the second series. I need to watch it. Im getting twitchy. I know that sounds mad but I get like this when I really love a series or programme etc.

For example the week before Magic Bleeds (book 4 in the Kate Daniels series) by Ilona Andrews came out I was going mad. Like rocking back and forward mad. The day I got it I just sat and read until I had finished it.

I have that weird madness now. Me want True Blood series 2 but and it is a big 'but' I am trying to get it off ebay for fairly cheaper. (Not got cash falling out of my pockets at the moment) Sadly I am having no luck what so ever. The cheapest I could get it would be about £20 which means I am saving £6 which isnt so bad, but still the haggler in me wants it cheaper. So Lord knows if or when I will get my hands on the juicy series but I will be sure to let you know.

Anyone else a Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood fan? Do I dare ask if your a Bill/Eric/Sam or Alcide fan? (Remember Im only on book 4 so Im fully aware more men might pop up but im not on a first name basis yet lol) What books/tv programs are you addicted 2?


  1. Definately an Eric Fan and trust me it only gets better. I saw the first couple of episodes of True Blood bu then ghad to get rid of HBO to save a little $. But I had already read books 1-3 by the time I saw the episodes so I was a little disappointed with them. maybe I would think differently if I saw them again.

  2. I originally LOVED Bill but now after book 3 I hate him lol Which is naturally I guess because he was a jerk in that book. I didn't like Eric but he is growing on me and I loved Alcide as soon as he showed up.
    I love the series but I think thats because I am a stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin fan lol and I love lafayette. I think he is sooooo funny.

  3. I've just been lent series one and two of True Blood got to find time to watch it now, kind of enjoyed the books up to a certain point and then stopped so hoping I like the series.
    I'm addicted to White Collar which reminds me I have 2 episodes to catch up on WOOT!

  4. I ended up buying them lol so I should get them through the mail next week. Ive seen the first season so I will just be watching the second but Im the type of person who eventually goes back to watching programmes from the beginning. Cant wait for season 3 it looks brilliant.

    White Collar. Never heard of it, whats it about?

  5. Convicted forger helping FBI, it's an American show on Bravo. I love it! It's a new series (well to me it is anyway...!)