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Saturday, 9 October 2010

What a load of... punk!

As you know I have finished She-Wolf (Yay!). Just got to edit & check then it is getting queried.

I am jumping back to my co-authored novel, need to re-write the beginning and shake it up a little.

I am going to be doing NaNo, I had picked to do the chick-lit story - which I started before She-Wolf - and now I find that my head is filling with ideas for my futuristic story. I'm getting dialogue and scenes and a hell of a lot of visuals - I really wish I could draw - so because of all that, I thought 'hey, lets get the research done so you can tamper with the story ideas until you actually have a solid plan', because I'm going to need a solid plan.

So I am doing some research and I am looking at the 'biopunk' definition and the 'cyberpunk'. I know what I see in my head, so I want to find a genre to home the story for when and if I decide to query it - which I probably will :P

Any way, I'm looking at the 'Punk' subgenre page and I've naturally heard of -
  1. Steampunk
  2. Cyberpunk
  3. Biopunk
  4. Nanopunk
  5. Clockpunk (which is a subgenre of steampunk)
I carry on looking out of curiosity and I find that there is a few more combinations, which are as follows:

  1. Dieselpunk is based on the aesthetics of the interbellum period through World War II (c. 1920-1945).
  2. Atompunk relates to the pre-digital period of 1945-1965.
  3. Elfpunk was proposed as a subgenre of urban fantasy in which faeries and elves are transplanted from rural folklore into modern urban settings.
  4. Mythpunk described as a subgenre of mythic fiction. It is defined as a brand of speculative fiction which starts in folklore and myth and adds elements of postmodern fantastic techniques: Urban fantasy, etc.
  5. Nowpunk is a term for contemporary fiction that is set in the time period in which the fiction is being published, i.e. all contemporary fiction.
  6. Splatterpunk, refers to a subgenre of horror fiction distinguished by its graphic, often gory, depiction of violence. It often overlaps with body horror.
Subgenres for... subgenres. It's mad. Fun. Cool sounding, but mad none the less. The link to the list is pasted below because it is actually amazing to see just how many subgenres (maybe even subgenres of subgenres of genres) there actually is. There's loads. Seriously, take a look.


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