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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

12 films from 2010

In no particular order...

Sherlock Holmes

This film technically came out late 2009, but I didn't see it until this january, so it counts lol Robert D. Junior, is brilliant as Sherlock. And Jude Law makes a fab Watson. And together they're just hilarious. I really enjoyed this version, especially since I'm not a fan of the older Sherlock films. And apparently there is a second film coming out next year at some point. Woo!

Solomon Kane

Another film that was out in 2009, but I saw it in january. The ending was a little cheesy, but I did like this film. I liked the story plot... and the actor who played Solomon ; P


Wonderful! Terrific! Loved it! You know a film is going to be good when either Anthony Hopkins or Hugo Weaving is in it. And it was awesome sauce.


I'm a Paul Bettany fan. And Paul Bettany as the angel Michael... who wouldn't love that? It was a simple story I guess, but I liked it. Best bit has to be when Gabriel steps through the door and uses his wings as a shield from the bullets. Twas awesome!


It was good. The bad vampires, learning about Jasper. Rosaline's flash back with the wedding dress had me giggling. And the fight scenes were pretty groovy. Breaking Dawn was my fave book, and I have to say I am eagerly waiting for both parts of the story... in filn.

Prince of persia

We already know how I feel about Jake Gyll. playing Dastan... (drools). And this film is just brilliant. I actually watched it again yesterday. It's just disney in all its groovy-ness. And Dastan is.... (swoons)

Clash of the titans

I said it yesterday and I will say it again... Anything to do with Greek mythology, I love. And I really loved this film. The original Clash of the Titans scared me lol But this was a wicked film. Liam Neeson as Zeus.... Ralph Fiennes as Hades.... Brilliant!


Nicholas Cage and the actress that played his daughter.... HILARIOUS! Loved their raw, honest and slightly disturbing relationship. Films like this remind me of my bff - who hasnt seen this film yet (tut. tut.).

Toy story 3

What? Oh come on, tell me you didn't love the first two? Tom Hanks as an animated cowboy. How can you not love that? I almost cried at the end of this film. It was fab.

Robin hood

I like the tale of Robin Hood. Seen many versions from the disney to Robin Hood men in tights. I thought this was a brilliant film and I loved the merry men... especially the one who was like a medieval rockstar lol

Alice in wonderland

TIM BURTON! I love Burton. JOHNNY DEPP! I love Depp, and as the mad hatter... love, love, love!! My fave character was the march hare though. "Spoon!" >_<

Shreak 3: the final chapter
It was the kid at the party who kept saying - "Do the roar." - A fat puss in boots, and the dancing ogers due to the pied piper. Made me giggle.

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