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Monday, 13 December 2010

My top 12 books of 2010

12 days before Christmas.... So why not do a few blogs with 12 things listed in them? Although It might not be 12 blogs listing 12 things, seeing as tues & wed is heroine & hero loving time. And I am away this weekend, going to see fathers side of the family and my bff before Christmas.

So, 12 things... Why not start with books? We all like books? I know I love em! So my top 12 2010 best reads. One or two were out before this year but we shall ignore that : P

1. Iron Duke (Iron Seas Book 1) - Meljean Brook

Unfortunatley I had to wait until the end of november to get my hands on this beauty, but boy was it worth the wait. If I would of had an entire day to sit and just read this book then I would have got through it in a day. Sadly it took me three days but who cares? Not me. Because I LOVED this book. I dont even know where to begin. Mina and Rhys are brilliant characters. They're fantastic together, stay true to themselves to the very end of the story. The world... a different version of victorian england, being from the UK myself, I found it fascinating. And the machinery and adaptations of transport... Oh to live in the mind of Meljean Brook... How wonderful that would be. I actually want to be a pirate after reading this book. And I cant wait until the second book is out next year.

2. Here there be monsters (Iron Seas Novella) - Meljean Brook

Devoured this story in four hours. The anthology in which the novella was in 'Burning up' was out before the Iron Duke, and it was this book, that helped inspire one of my newest ideas which I have been getting a little excited with recently. Ivy and Eben are completely different to Rhy's and Mina, as individuals and as a couple. And just like Rhy's and Mina they are fab characters, a fab pair, so sweet with each other. It's just a brilliant beginning to a new series.

3. Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels Series) - Ilona Andrews

It felt like I was waiting forever for this book, but I would have waited longer. Ilona Andrews is one of my favourite writers, I stalk her blog constantly for snippets, and there were a lot of teasing snips for this story. But I sat down at 8am and finished it by 5pm, and there was a smile on my face once I was finished. Kate and Curran... (sigh) my fave paranormal couple. Funny, sweet... deadly. You just have to read the books to understand why the series is fab.
Just another 6 months and the fifth book will be out.... Eek!

4. Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson Book 5) - Patricia Briggs

It was the first Mercy Thompson book 'Moon Called' that helped me make up my mind about writing stories. And it was also that book them made me a reading addict. I wasn't a big reader two years ago, then my friend leant me the first book, read it, loved it, and I've been hooked ever since.
Book 5 shows a rocky Mercy and... (wipes drool from mouth) Adam, the book is focused on their relationship - which after the teasing ending of book one, and the tiny moments between them through book two-three... Then the horridness that happens in book 4... I loved that we saw a lot of them together - and as always Patricia Briggs weaves a wonderful magical urban story. Do I envy her brain? Of course.

5. Asmodeus (Guardian Series Book 2) - Dawn McClure

I can't remember how I came across Dawn McClure but I am happy I did. Her guardian stories are all awesome, they have their own groovy world. The men are buff, dominatimg demons. The women are feisty, kickass vampires. What more could you want?

6 & 7. Cry Sanctuary & Sanctuary Lost (Red Rock Pass Book 1 & 2) - Moira Rogers

I wish I would have found this dynamic duo earlier. I loved Moira Rogers work. Their ideas... especially the stories they have coming out next year... blow me away. I also cyber stalk this terrific duo, I love the worlds they create, how all their characters are linked up. And the couples... teasing and funny flirting... wonderful tension.... steamy sex scenes. I loved the sanctuary series, so far. Cry & Lost are the only two I have read but I am dying to get my hands on the other two. As well as everything else they have written. Unfortunatley my pockets dont go as deep as I wish they would...

8 & 9. Gentleman Prefer Succubi & Succubi like it Hot (Succubus Book 1 & 2) - Jill Myles

Sexy vampires. Naughty fallen angels. And a succubus who gets to have fun with them both. I love Jackie, she is so down to earth and in book one, she just gets thrown into this world where she is torn between both sides. Not to mention the fact she needs sex to survive... Which is a real pain in the butt and more trouble then one would like to think. I, personally, am a Zane fan so I am praying that Jackie ends up with Zane in book 3 which is out in like two weeks.... (has a fan girl moment).

10. Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed Series Book 4) - Lara Adrian

I really liked the first 3 books and book 6 in this series, but it was this book that stood out the most for me and I think that was mainly because of Rio. Rio has gone through hell since book one, physical... mental... emotional. The whole package. This is the book he pulls himself from that hell, along with Dylan, the uber cool journalist. I'm not going in to all of it because it would spoil to much and you may one day decide to read this series for yourself.

11. The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld Book 1) - Gena Showalter

I stumbeled upon this series august this year, bought the first four books all in one go. I love mythology, especially Egyptian and Greek. The Lords of the Underworld series is centered around Greek mythology, and I was blown away at how Gena had planned it all. Bringing immortals into a modern world, keeping the mythology and the ancient time and feel of it so real. Each of the characters are brilliant, even when you hate them for doing or saying something... you still love em. Each of the couples are unique and fun. And considering I only found this book - and the others - 5 months ago, and I have now got book 5 & 6 for christmas... I would say this is a series worth reading.

12. Frostbitten (Otherworld Series Book 10) - Kelley Armstrong

Another one of my friends let me borrow her copy of 'Bitten' the first book in the Otherworld series. I have to admit, at first I didn't think I was going to like it but once Clayton came to my attention, that was it. I have the entire Otherworld series, but it is Clayton and Elena's stories I love the most. Their relationship amuses me and yet they are so sweet. Frostbitten is their fourth book - even though they have a few cameos in some of the others - and I'm just so happy with the way things are going for them. They have both got so much happening in the future - yet again I wont go into it in case you haven't read any of the books - but I can't wait to see what happens.

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