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Friday, 3 December 2010

Alas... bad news.

Had a mad busy day, which is why this post is late going up.

Well, I was hoping to have some good news to put with this rubbish news but... I don't.

Unfortunatley, the publishers who had accepted my two novellas... closed down early in November. So, needless to say, those stories aren't getting published just yet. It sucks, but things happen.

I have re-checked and submitted them both to different epublishers. So we shall wait and see what happens there.

She-Wolf has been submitted, I'm waiting to hear back about that. And the book that follows it - which was my original big Paranormal Romance novel I was always going on about - a publisher requested to see the entire manuscript over a month ago. So, I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Needless to say all of that is probably another reason why my brain hasn't felt much like working this month.

Any way, sorry for the nice depressing post. I hope you enjoy todays snippet and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. I am soooo sorry about the set back, and I firmly believe that it is just a set back. You are a wonderful writer and I love the stories you create. I check this blog everyday to see if there is something new (yes I read the next chapter early this morning just waiting for your post to comment - no surprise I loved it!). I will keep my fingers crossed, you in my prayers and send good thoughts your way! Hang tough, it will happen, you gotta believe!

  2. Thank you. I am really glad you enjoy the story. I've had a bit of a rubbish month - creatively - and I got a rejection about an hour ago. It's like my 40th lol so should be no big deal, but the cold weather has made my thick skin a little... brittle. And unfortunatley it's knocked me on my butt.

    But yes. Everything will be fine. Gotta keep trying.

  3. Hey, you can do it! I'm sure you'll find another publisher to sell your stories to, definitely!

    I've also read the newest part already, very good. Only too bad it'll be almost another week until the next part is up!

    Dark, snowy winter can be bad for the morale, but at least today you can snuggle up inside where it's warm and enjoy the advent... :D