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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hero Love: Captain Sparrow

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in
'The Pirates of the Caribbean'
 Aye, me mateys, I'm a feeling me some pirates this week... but I couldn't have a pirate heroine without a pirate hero. And naturally it was going to be the ridiculous Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp is my favourite actor of all time. My honest opinion is that he is the best character actor... in the world. He blows me away each and every time and I just think he is brilliant.

Pirates of the caribbean is (so far) an awesome trilogy - I say so far because it's a trilogy until film 4 is out next year.... (takes moment to squeak and clap hands) - The stories are brilliant. The action... the humour.... the characters... the romance... Love, love, love! And I really can't wait for film 4 - On Strange Tides, starring a few old characters and a lot of new.

As a hero Captain Jack doesn't really fit the semi-stereotypical bill. He is a bad fighter and is usually the one running away from it. He doesn't save any heroines... as we all know his interest is mainly rum and treasure. His love affair is basically with his awesome ship 'The Black Pearl'. And he's not what you would call to bright... but, in saying that he is insanely - hysterically - brilliant. And some how everything always works out for him. And I dare anyone to say that they don't love him... even just a little bit.

And I just have to add here that Captain Barbosa played by Geoffrey Rush, is also a whole lot of awesome. Your bad guy turned good but really still bad guy. Geoffrey is a brilliant actor and he plays an excellent pirate. And him and Johnny make an excellent mix of pirate rivalry.

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