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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hero Love: Dorian Gray

Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray in 'Dorian Gray.'
 Old school good boy gone bad... who eventually wants to be good again.

As with the heroine love post yesterday, our hero becomes a little cruel as he enjoys life on the wild side. But I just think the story is brilliant. And the character Dorian is amazing. And yes it was also an excuse to put the oh so awesome Ben Barnes on here. I fell in love with him in this role, I think he is just fab.

I went to see Matthew Bourne's version of Dorian Gray - was brilliant. I highly recommend - which was modernized into the modelling industry of today. But the story in itself speaks volumes on societies views and how you are treated if you are from a certain background. Or act and look a certain way.

It speaks so loudly about human values... I mean, it is incredible to watch the way this sweet young man spirals out of control under the influence of other people. How his character changes so reapidly. The story is both brilliant and sad. And the film was done brilliantly.

As a hero Dorian is fantastic because he is so imperfect, but then that is the point. Looks can be decieving. Perfect on the outside, tainted within. And obviously there is that paranormal element that he has traded his soul with a painting. It's nice to watch a character twist, I think if you see all their pain and mistakes, you really can admire and respect them when they do actually do the right thing by the end of the story.

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