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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Heroine Love: River

Summer Glau as River in 'Serenity'.
I like the fact that River is a fragile, slender, ickle young woman. She looks timid and small... comes across slightly crazy, but naturally she has her reasons. And I love the fact that behind all of that... their is a unbelivable fighter and stone cold killer. It breaks the stereotype, and when she wants to kick ass... she kicks it hard.

Naturally she is a tad crazy but there is a perfect reason for that... she has been trained - in a sense hypnotized - to be a killing machine. She holds a secret that the top dogs dont want anyone to know - and its a horrid secret.

But the story is just awesome. There is tons of humor - fun, sarcy humor - a splash of romance, spaceships, freaky bad guys... and it's a touch of Steampunk.

Serenity... Just a whole lot of awesome sauce.

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