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Friday, 14 January 2011

Mind Madness

Next She-Wolf snip is up. Sorry it's a little late, I'm feeling a tad ill at the moment.

I had an uber brain wave the other day - sounds painful but it wasn't. As you know for the last two months I have had a touch of Insomnia... and my brain just hasn't been working. Which basically has been frustrating me because not a lot of writing has been done, which means I have been kicking my own butt because of it.

So while I was sat staring at my computer the other day I suddenly thought.... "Why do I have to start a new project?"

I want to. I have four ideas that I would love to start working on, but none of the stories are clicking at the moment. Very frustrating, but I don't want to force a story either.

As I sat there and ran through everything in my head it actually made sense. There is no rush for me to get going with these ideas... they need time to bloom. I have She-Wolf and the book following it written... why not make plans for the next book in the series, which no matter what I shall be writing. Why not take notes on all the stories withing the series I want to write (as freebies?) Maybe more Clare & Owen? More Brendan? I really want to write about May and John... (May who was attacked by Rogues.) And there are soooo many more charcters that are coming into the next book that I want to play with.

And on top of that I have another book that is the first in a series, I need to concentrate on. A novella which is the first in a small series.

In conclusion... I have lots on my plate already. Why the heck am I trying to force more? Now keeping in mind that, yes, none of these books have been published (yet - because I have hope) but I think that is enough for now. All my ideas are wrote out, character profiles hav been done... it's all there for me when the final pieces click in to place. But it's not time for them yet.

I have to say after coming to that conclusion I feel better - despite the fact I am poorly. It only took me two and a half months to come to that conclusion.... : |

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