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Friday, 13 May 2011

Almost... there...

Anyone else freak out a little when they found that blogger had gone bye-bye? I know I did, but hey, things happen, and everything is back.

So, late Friday post.

Stepping Stones. Some of you may have heard that title before, some of you might not have a clue, but it's all good.

I started writing this story last August, and then Werewolves decided to bust in to my brain and pollute it with all their sexy problems. I actually blogged about it, which you can read here! I'm thankfully they did because that novel - She-Wolf - has just been contracted with the really awesome Noble Romance Books. I am sooooo excited about everything, because it means I get to continue with the series that I have had planned for the last two years. So, stay tuned for lots of delicious info on that, and believe me, I will be squeaking a lot.

Any way, Stepping Stones. So I wrote She-Wolf, and I planned to write SS for Nano, and failed miserably because for some reason I just couldn't sit down and write. It was horrible. I wouldn't say it was writers block because I had been writing bits and pieces but... *shudders* I don't know, nothing was happening for me.

Thankfully, I snapped out of that in March, and I continued writing Stepping Stones, and I am so happy to say that I am very close to finishing it. And look *points at WIP wordcount bar on the left* It's green because I'm passed my word goal >_< But then again it was a tad obvious that was going to happen, since I suck at guessing wordcounts for projects. I always tend to get carried away : P

Any way, todays snippet is from Stepping Stones. (It's the rough draft, so please forgive and ignore any mistakes.) For anyone who read the snips I put up during November, the final bit of the chapter is finally up to read.

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