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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tiny CB snippet

For Patty. I'm not a total meanie : P

The moment that made the werewolf fetch joke, a lot more funnier for me...


I stood helplessly for a moment, simply staring in stupid, stunned belief. What the hell am I suppose to do, throw him a brick so we can play fetch? Would Brendan find that funny?

“Brendan?” I asked softly, trying to hold really still so that I didn’t startle him.

The Werewolf’s long ears went back, its eyes narrowing as a growl rumbled from the depths of its belly. Its lips peeled back in a snarl…

Oh fuck.

“Brendan?” I said again, my grip on my sword tightening as I started to take a step backwards.

The Werewolf’s knees bent, its hands flexing at its side.

“Easy boy. Stay.”

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  1. LOL - I knew I liked you!!! Any word on a release date? So looking forward to the rest! Thanks :)

  2. Elizabeth Morgan22 June 2011 at 21:30

    : P Not yet, but the moment I know, y'all will know.