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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'm alive!

Yes, I'm still alive. I know I've been quite, but that's only because I'm currently swimming back and forth between lake writing-shiny-project, and then lake edits. I keep getting pulled under by real life every now and again, or stuck on the other-stuff-to-do rock. *le sigh*

Any way, I'm going to be vanishing for the next five days. My family - and I - are going over to Northern Ireland to surprise my grandparents for their 50th anniversary. Nice surprise for them hopefully. The flight is at stupid o'clock in the morning, but I will be back by Monday!

I'm probably going to get the shakes after being away from my computer for a day. I hate being away from my computer. But, at least I will be seeing my family, so it's worth it.

When I get back I have an interview with the awesome Heather Peters, so keep a look out for that! I do hope you've all been enjoying all the lovely nibble-worthy authors who have been dropping by. Aren't they all lovely and... odd? : P

Any way gang, I will talk to you all next week. I gotta go pack O_o


  1. Have a safe trip. Enjoy lovely Ireland!

  2. I will. I did : ) Thank you.

    I was a lovely weekend, but I missed my computer :'( lol

  3. Ha. I was a lovely weekend? How egotistical of me. Naturally I meant "it" lol

    oh jet-lag, how annoying you are when it comes to typing...

  4. ROLF! I got yer drift! Glad you had a good time.