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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Playing 20 questions with K.B. Cutter

Today gang, I am joined by the awesome KB Cutter...

EM: Welcome to My World K.B. Thank you so much for stopping by to play twenty questions with me : )

KB: Thank you for having me. Sorry I'm lowering the property values by being here. ;-)

EM: Before we begin, could you tell us a little about yourself?

KB: The details of my life are inconsequential… or boring as hell. You pick. –cheesy grin- I'm a voracious reader who loves to write in all genres. Most notably erotic romance. I'm a member of the Thin Blue Line at night, by day, I'm sleeping… Ha. I'm a regular Joe. Well, kinda regular. Well, not really…. My passion is writing. I have a small house in rural upstate New York that is my haven from the stress of modern suburban life. There I enjoy hiking, Nature and campfires and S'mores! Hmm, maybe I'm a Girl Scout……..

EM: *giggles* Ahem... Are you ready to play 20 questions? *rubs hands together*

KB: Oh, yeah, I'm-a ready, Freddy.

Which do you find harder to write?

1. First person POV or Third?

Third, no doubt. The majority of my published stories are told in first person. I love the immediacy, the intimacy of first person narrative. I enjoy hard-boiled noir, both fiction and cinema, so I'm kinda partial to that voice.

2. As a male or female?

Neither. Shocking, given that I'm male. My first professionally published story, Summer Heat, is a lesbian/ bi-sexual erotic short. I did not find it difficult to get inside the female perspective. Maybe its because I like to wear F-Me pumps on Saturday nights at the Velvet Anvil that helps me gain insight into the feminine mystique. Dunno…..

EM: O_o lol

3. Beginning, middle or end of the story?

Middle. Hands down. I find I'm able to conjure up a good begging and ending, The in-betweens, yeah, that is the tough part.

4. Fight scenes or smex scenes?

Smex. I know, you are shocked given I'm such a lothario. –insert another cheesy grin- I want my smex scenes to resonate, radiate emotion, both sensual and visceral, so it does require an inordinate expenditure of creative energy to make them feel real.

EM: Smex scenes can be very frustrating. Especially at daft o'clock in the morning when you end up given your male more equipment than he actually needs....

5. Synopsis or blurb?

I know book blurbs are Kryptonite to most authors. I'm the opposite. I can bang out a decent blurb where as a synopsis, jeez, I'm like Tolkien. I kinda go into a lot of detail. Yeah, I just compared myself to a literary giant. Sure, I'm not hubristic. No, no ego. Nope. Move on. ;-)

EM: You're very modest... : P Moving on.... 

As a writer, do you prefer:

6. Writing in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Mornings, since school is in session. Usually I write when I can get some 'me' time.

7. Writing with music, or in peace?

Peace, nine times out of ten. Occasionally, I'll have Pandora queued up with classical music or ambient, depending on my mood.

8. Planning, or Improvising?

Wee bit of both. More improvising. I enjoy having the story unfold as I type; it takes me in unexpected directions, which is mostly good.

EM: *Is big improviser*

9. Juggling a few projects, or concentrating on one at a time?

One at a time. If I have a few writing projects going on, eventually one of them suffers. Can't have that!

10. Sticking to one genre, or exploring many?

Many, many genres! I'm often surprised at how many authors stick to not only reading one genre, but writing in one as well. I find that completely restricting.

As a reader, do you prefer:

11. Story being told from female view or male?

Both. I'm not prejudicial.

12. Good guys or bad boys?

Combination of both. I tend to write my characters with flaws. To be wholly good or bad is quite boring, actually.

13. Fesity females or fragile damsels?

Feisty, mah dear. Fragile . . . Y-A-W-N-!

14. Stand alone stories or series?

Stand alone. It takes talent beyond mine to write compelling series. I enjoy them, but sometimes, after, say, the fifth book, it gets a bit redundant.

EM: I envy and respect any author who can keep a series fresh.

15. Quick reads or long stories?

I'm amenable to both.

16. Romance as a side dish or the main course?

I mostly write erotic romance, with a dabbling in horror, so I'm going to say romance as the main course.

EM: Smex, blood and good fright, best mix in my opinion : P

17. Erotica or soft romance or something in-between?

EM: I think I already know the answer to this one...
Erotica. I don’t go for the dainty, sweet stuff. ;-)

EM: tehehe yup, I was right.

18. More action or humor?

I try for a measure of both, depending on the story, however, I find humor is kinda lacking in the romance genre, so I tend to sprinkle it throughout my work.

Just for fun:

19. Vampires or Angels?

Vamps. They can be devilishly good fun!

20. Werewolves or Demons?

I dig the wolfies, but gonna go with Demons, so much more sub-text to explore.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on a M/F/M Sci-fi novella tentatively titled: Patterns of Force. Think of it as Blade Runner meets Inception via Children of Men.

EM: ooo sounds like my cup of tea.

Do you have any current release?

Yes, I do! A dark, gritty erotic paranormal romance entitled The Darker side of Heaven.


Shadows lengthen over the world. Turmoil rages.

Something evil this way comes . . . .

Emotionally conflicted avenger Chalice Noire, product of an unholy union between demon and angel, is a slayer to the forces of darkness. Employed by shadowy benefactors in Rome, her sect is commanded by fallen angel Nikolai Voss, whose allegiance is not to the church but to the flame of vengeance that burns within.

But Chalice possesses a holy relic, a Weapon of the Mass, Nikolai desperately craves, and he will stop at nothing to retrieve it, destroying anything or anyone, including his own soul.

Renegade vampire Adam Blake is a recluse, attempting to bury his troubled past and the tortured memory of his former lover, Chalice Noire, in America's last frontier: the Alaskan wilderness.

Armageddon looms, the agents of light and darkness gather forces. The battle to be fought not on the sands of prophecy, but in the rugged beauty of Alaska, where Chalice and Adam once again cross paths. Can they reconcile their past to save humanity's future?

Purchase link: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/322/The-Darker-Side-of-Heaven

Where can readers find you on the internet?

Folks can drop by my author website: www.kbcutter.com catch me on FB @kbcutter and Twitter. For the more adventurous, my dark and sexy blog:


EM: Thank you so much for joining me! It's been lovely having you! : D

KB: Thanks for allowing me to ramble on at your pad, very brave and kind of you!


  1. Fun stuff, folks.
    Yeah, that middle of the story will get you every time. You'd think the readers would be content with a beginning and end, but... nooo. They actually want the two sections connected. Picky, picky.

    Hi, Elizabeth, and KB. Great interview.

  2. Great interview, both! And congrats on your new release, KB.

  3. Hi David,

    Yeah, can you believe it? The audacity of some readers. Ungrateful!

    Thanks fer stopping by!

    Hi Lucy! I appreciate you taking the time to read my not-so-linear thoughts!

  4. Great interview. Love the sound of Dark Side of Heaven haven't got the chance yet to read it but it is near the top of the TBR pile. The WIP sounds promising and hope to hear more about it soon.

  5. Great post you two!
    @Liz : I'm waiting for your next set of questions, I've got my pad ready!
    @KB : Chalice is already wondering if she"ll bite Adam's apple. Ooohhh, the suspense is killing! When is it on Amazon?

  6. Kb, if I get to meet you, we're going shoe shopping. It's always a treat to "hear" your voice in these posts.

    For those reading along, Darker Side of Heaven is a great book. It deserves a sequel.

  7. Great fun, 20 Q's were very entertaining! Always good to read you KB! Smex, LOL

  8. KB it was awesome having you!

    Thanks for stopping by folks!

    Chris, I will think up some good ones for you ; P

  9. Hi Michelle-thanks for dropping by! When you get a chance to read Darker, I hope it pleases. My other project-Patterns of Force I hope to have done by late Fall.

    Hey Chris! ROLF! I think Chalice wants to take a bite out of Adam, but not his apple. Ya dig?!

    Darker is now available on Amazon Kindle!


    LOL-You got it , Margie! Just us 'girls' out a shoppin' HA! Thank you. Bryl Tyne (my fab editor) loved it, wants more books, but, haveta see if sales (readers) readers want more Darker!

    Hi Renee-thanks for taking the time to stop by!


    Thank you Elizabeth. 'Twas loads o' fun!