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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Vampires - Mary Abshire

Vampires. Vampires. Vampires.

A couple words come to mind…Sexy. Dark. Luring. Strong. Bite me.

Bite me? LOL. Well, that brings to mind fangs and vampires have to use those canines to get what they want. So the two words seem fitting.

I have always had a strong interest in vampire books. During my childhood days, I watched a lot of science fiction and horror shows. (Thanks Mom). Whenever I saw a vampire, he was so…seductive, luring, inviting, powerful… and most of the time, decent looking. They were mysterious and a little nibble on the neck didn't look too painful. Sounded…sexy. Who couldn't resist? During my teenage years, I read Anne Rice and my love for the dark creatures intensified. Sure, they had a few problems, but don't we all. They were definitely more dangerous and sexier. I got "sucked" into their world. (Armand was my favorite.) Today, vampires seem complex, more mysterious, sexy as hell, and way more dangerous with their "supernatural" abilities. Some vamps are heroes, noble men, and saviors. Vampires are the good guys who have to sip a little blood to survive. What's wrong with that? Vampires today are far more luring from ten and twenty years ago. Whether it's a dark vampire with a goal or a good guy vamp out for justice, I'm hooked. Vamp love is in my blood.

So, when I started writing seriously a few years ago, I wanted to write a different kind of vampire novel. I didn't want it to be solely about a vampire, yet a vampire as one of the main characters was a MUST. For my vamp, Drake, I stayed along the lines of mysterious, sexy, complex, and a noble man with heart and soul. In the world I created, there are good ones and bad ones and ones, like Drake, that police the bad ones. The protagonist, a half-demon, meets him and doesn't trust him. He has to work to get her to "warm up" to him, and trust him. It takes 4 books to reach his goal, but what a great struggle they have.

If you're curious to read about my noble vampire, Drake, I encourage you to check out my Soul Catcher series. It's a paranormal/urban fantasy romance series. There are 4 books and they are:

Claiming the Evil Dead
Catching an Evil Tail
Fighting Evil
Love Conquers All

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  1. I'm totally down with a little nibbling and biting ; P