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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Playing 20 Questions with TL Jennings!

Today I am joined by the delightful T.L. Jennings!

EM: Welcome to My World, T.L. Thank you so much for stopping by to play twenty questions with me. :-)

Before we begin, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, what can I say?

I am a gentlewoman who resides in the outskirts of Oxford in England. I started writing years ago, however I am a rather shy and evasive “closet writer” and have only recently started to publish my short stories.

I write all of my short stories by hand and I love to indulge in Victorian research and literature.
I firmly believe that a woman cannot have too many corsets, lovers, and books. My life time goal was to marry Mr Darcy, however, sadly he seems to have run of with that tart Elizabeth. Vexing, to say the least!

EM: Are you ready to play 20 questions? *rubs hands together* Mwahaha!

Which do you find harder to write?

1. First person POV or Third?

I like to write from both perspectives in general, however I like the way “first person” really let you in into their minds. It feels... dare I say it? More intimate, somehow.

2. As a male or female?

Again, I do not find it especially hard to write from either gender. I write almost 50/50 from a woman or a man’s perspective. This is of course a result of the wide clientele of characters that comes and knocking on my door (often when I am about to go to sleep, mind you) and demand that I write about them.

3. Beginning, middle or end of the story?

The very first sentence. On occasions I have mulled over the first sentence for weeks, but when I do know how it all begins, the rest usually just follows.

4. Fight scenes or smex scenes?

None, really. But sometimes I tend to blush a lot when I write (and that is not when I write the fighting scenes!) In fact, I am very shy as a person, to be honest.

5. Synopsis or blurb?

Blurb. It is harder than you think.

As a writer, do you prefer:

6. Writing in the morning, afternoon or evening?

I prefer to write in the mornings, before everything else starts to occupy my mind. Sometimes I do not even have time to eat breakfast, I just have to start writing. That said, I often do editing and enter my story in the evenings (all my stories are handwritten into notebooks).

7. Writing with music, or in peace?

Music, preferable classic music which I know very well, so that I do not really pay any attention to it. At the moment I am listening to the Soundtrack from Downton Abbey.

8. Planning, or Improvising?

Actually, planning. However, sometimes my characters just Will Not Do What They Are Told, and then I let them improvise. I like “backseat writing”, where I have a map with some general direction, but then let the story unfold by itself. 

9. Juggling a few projects, or concentrating on one at a time?

One at a time, please. I do have a general abused notepad where I scribble down ideas, characters, and sometimes dialogs when I get inspire and which I carry with me all the time. That way I usually know what the next couple of stories will be about, but I write them very sternly one at a time (mainly because I am not that fond of editing, so I really have to finish editing before I allow myself to indulge in researching my next story.)

10. Sticking to one genre, or exploring many?

Well, my writing is a little bit of a mixture when it comes to genre. I try to include both romance and erotica in an even balance. All my stories are historical (Victorian and Regency era) and are set during the 19th century and most of them are also rather Gothic and may or may not have a paranormal element as well.

As a reader, do you prefer:

11. Story being told from female view or male?

I read both. In fact, I read almost anything. As long as the story is good I would not mind reading it from a genderless alien with lots of tentacles perspective.

12. Good guys or bad boys?

I like characters with a several sides. Bad boys with a soft spot are of course rather irresistible, but I like good guys (like anti-heroes) as well.

13. Feisty females or fragile damsels?

Fragile damsels, but who develops during the story into feisty females.

14. Stand alone stories or series?

Series, the more the merrier!

15. Quick reads or long stories?

Ooh, a tricky question. I am definitively a fan of long stories, where you can completely sink into another world (farewell stupid tax letters and mundane worries of the 24/7 society), but I must admit that reading short stories can be just as nice, but in another way.

16. Romance as a side dish or the main course?

I actually prefer it to be a side dish. A very nice and appetizing side dish of course, but I like the stories to have a larger meaning than just two people falling in love and live happily ever after.

17. Erotica or soft romance or something in-between?

Something in between. Like censured pages of Jane Austen.

18. More action or humour?

Humour! If I laugh, I am willing to read almost anything. That said, a story usually benefit of a certain flow or drive forward.

Just for fun:

19. Vampires or Angels?

Can I tie them up? In that case Angels. (Moahaha!) Oh, sorry about that. Where are my manners? I will try to get a grip...

Otherwise vampire, although I guess they would be rather uncomfortable sharing a bed with, being too cold...

20. Werewolves or Demons?

Hm, horns or fur? Nah, I will go Demons (I have after all always had a soft spot for Kurt Wagner in X-men. He is demon enough for me I think!)

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my third novelette “Blackmail” from "Different Desire", a Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic novelette collection. “Seduced by a Dandy” and “A Gentleman’s Secret” has already been released and I hope to finish “Different Desire” before summer.

I am also writing short stories for my third short story collection “Secrets and Seduction. Vol III”, which will be released during 2012 and which is the third collection following “Lust and Lace” and “Corsets and Cravings”.

After that we will see, but I might write something a little bit longer, perhaps a novella, during the autumn.

Do you have any current release?

My latest release “A Gentleman's secret” ~ The second novelette from "Different Desire", a Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic novelette collection is out now.


During a burglary in Kensington, Faith decides to let two of the most different men meet each other: Anthony Percival-Davis, gentleman and son of an Earl, meets Simon, a simple thief from lower London. Will they be able to see beyond the social boundaries? And will they be able to resist their mutual attraction?

An extract from the story:

"I felt that my face was flustered and my lips felt uncommonly tender after his kisses and his short stubble. It was useless to resist my desire for him any longer; I was drawn to him helplessly, like a moth is drawn to the open flame and its doom.
"Touch me," he said suddenly with a thick voice and he took my wrist in his hand and guided my hand towards his manhood. The coarse layer of his worn trousers could not hide his waiting erection. I admit I was a little bit shocked at first to touch him like this, but my fingers could not help themselves, curiously they investigated this newfound territory. I stroked his hardness, while I watched him closely to see how he would react. I saw him close his eyes and sigh with satisfaction, as he moved gently against my touch in a rhythmical fashion."

Burglary, innocence, curse, longing, oral pleasure, M/M.

Purchase link:

Any upcoming releases?

Well, at the moment I am doing a promotion drive each weekend, so you can download one of my short stories FOR FREE! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook so that you don’t miss out!

Next up is “Under the Full Moon” ~ The fifth story from "Corsets and Cravings", a Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection, which you can download from Amazon (you don’t need to have a kindle to read it, just install the kindle app).


Doctor Henry Blythe has moved from Edinburgh to Perth after a heartbreaking and shamefully divorce. He has vowed never remarry or fall in love again with a woman. However that was before he met Anne, a strange and mud-stained girl with long entangled blond hair. Who is she, what is she, and will she manage to claim both his heart and body again?

An extract from the story:

Their love-making was neither slow, nor gentle, but an act of burning need and desire. Henry embraced her and she could feel his craving and hardness against her, which had a most arousing effect. He cradled her naked bottom and kissed her deeply, exploring her with his tongue. She smelled and tasted like the woods, wild and untamed. She licked his ear and then bit down on the earlobe in excitement, which made him moan both in delight and in mild pain.

Werewolves, accident, Scotland, semi-rough lovemaking, full moon.

On the Top 100 list of Regency Erotica (Amazon US)
Category: Victorian Romance and Erotica
Format: Kindle eBook
Written and published: 2011
Length: Afternoon Delight (~5500 words)
Publisher: My Secret Quill

Where can readers find you on the internet?

At my own little corner of the web: www.mysecretquill.com
You are also of course more that welcome to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

EM: Thank you so much for joining me, T.L!

Why, thank you in turn for inviting me!
Yours truly / Lady T. L. Jennings

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