Guest Authors

Have a new release? Or an upcoming one? Want to pimp your books out, or perhaps just hang with awesome little me?

My Blog is wide open to all of you to pimp the heck out of yourselves, your upcoming releases, or bring attention to your already published books.

I can do interviews, features, or a groovy game of 20 questions. I'm cool if you want to share excerpts, hold a competition, or blog about a topic of your choice.

Just like Lionel says, "Easy like a Sunday morning." - as in "I am." Just don't spread it around ;-P

If you're interested in doing some promoting at my blog just send me an email at - - and I will pencil you in. :-)

8th - Scarlet Le Clair
15th - Andrew Grey

3rd - Carlyle Labuschagne
7th - Nyna Queen
21st - Andrew Grey

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