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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


The end of Blood book two is in sight and since I am drawing close to those two beautiful words, "the end," I decided I wanted to talk just a little about cliffhangers. And if you have read either or both of the books in the series you will no doubt understand why.

Cliffhanger n film, game, etc., that is tense and exciting because its outcome is uncertain.

That is the dictionary explanation for what a cliffhanger is.

Now for those of you who have read the prequel (She-Wolf) and Book One (Cranberry Blood) in the Blood Series, you will know that the endings aren’t clean cut and final; they are left open, or how I like to see it that section of the story is tied up but very loosely.

Since I am a chapter off the end of the second book in the series I just feel that I need to throw this out there - more so for those of you who are new to the series - just so everyone knows what to expect going in.

I suppose in a way the books - though all of them so far are 70,000 words + - are kinda like serials; they are instalments of one BIG story arc. Each book leads on from the other. Some overlap - for example the last chapter and epilogue of Cranberry Blood overlaps with the prologue in Book 2. Each sequel continues from where the last one left off, which is why you will find that the endings of the books aren’t so clean cut and are very much great big fat "to be continued" endings.

I realize that most books in series standalone - even though there is connections - so it might feel strange heading into a series that is almost in the format of television episodes, but this is just how the characters and the story showed themselves to me and this is just how this series is. I mean, I could have tried to write it all as one HUGE book but since She-Wolf is round the 70k, Cranberry Blood is 93k, and Blood 2 is currently 108k and rising - and I haven’t even started the final book or the two novellas that are also planned - I think that would be a rather over facing book for anyone.

So, the Blood Series is a series, but there are cliff-hangers and the books are more instalments of one story. So you have a beginning - Cranberry Blood - a middle - Blood two - and an end - Book three - but you also have a prequel to the main arc - She-Wolf - and then there are two novellas which will take place in between which cover situations and characters that run parallel and are entwined with the main arc, if you get what I mean by that?

I'm sorry if it's frustrating that the books end in such a way, but it is just the way the series is. I just hope that despite the open endings you do at least enjoy the story so far. J

I am a chapter off the end of Blood Book Two. I intend to finish it in the next four days, and after having one last read through I will be sending it off to my editor. I stated on the Blood Series Facebook page that on completion of the book I would release the title. The cover and blurb reveal will take place after my editor has finished her first round of edits and I will have a rough idea of a release date.

If you don’t want to miss out on Blood Series updates, or would just like to stay in the loop, do make sure you "like" the Blood Series Facebook Page as this is where I post all news and goodies first:

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