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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

New Release: Survivor (Soul Mates: Book 1) by Victoria Johns

June 20th 2016





When you're a woman on the run the last thing you need is a complication.  A complication that can unravel and expose your secrets, one that can undo the new life you're trying to build.

A complication in the form of an irresistible, tattooed guy, that brings out feelings and emotions that are as frightening as the things you're running from.
When you're a guy with a deadly job the last thing you need is danger landing at your doorstep.  Especially when that danger is a beautiful, sexy woman, begging to be protected, with a sack full of troubles hot on her heels.
He felt duty bound to protect her.
She felt obliged to resist.
Together they feel compelled to survive, but can they put it all on the line and expose themselves to have the one thing they want more than anything?
Each other.

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Additional Information:

The Survivor novel can be read as a standalone novel, but has links with the Soul Sisters Series. 

All novels in the Soul Sisters Series currently reduced to 99p/c to celebrate the new release of Survivor.

All novels available in kindle/ebook format and paperback

Survivor buy link: getBook.at/vjsurvivor

*All Amazon country markets available via above link.

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* All Amazon country markets available via above links

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